‘I visited Kate after suffering a nasty fall whilst horse riding. The fall had left me rather battered and bruised. I saw Kate for a number of sessions and am convinced that my speedy recovery was thanks to her healing hands! I always left the session feeling much calmer than when I had arrived and with my joints feeling much looser.
Kate is a very empathetic practitioner of massage, she listens very carefully to how you are feeling and what you want to achieve from the session. The massages I had with Kate are the first ones where I experienced more than just an hour of ‘switching off’.
I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family.’
Nicky, East Horsley 2010

‘I have had a number of full body massages which included Reiki for a very stiff and sore shoulder. Kate was very professional, doing a consultation and taking a full history and ‘lifestyle’ session first. The massages were lovely, very thorough and I never felt rushed or that she was clock watching.
She paid attention to the ‘unloved’ bits such as elbows and knees and I felt ‘glowing’ by the time I came away. She improved my circulation by getting the blood flowing through her attention to lymphatic draining points and I always feel as if I have had a complete body experience by the time I leave.’
Carole Anne, Hampton Court 2010

‘I can recommend Kate without hesitation. Unlike many of the massages I have had before Kate did a thorough consultation about my health and lifestyle. We also discussed what I wanted from my massage before she began and she went out of her way to put me at ease. After a discussion about how much pressure I would like I had a head and shoulder massage. The massage was great and melted away the stress knot at the back of my neck. When I left I felt extremely relaxed and floated off to do the school run.’
Helen, Hampton Wick

‘Kate has magical fingers and hands that seek out and relieve tension. She listens carefully and tailors her approach to you as a unique individual. She sees the knots in my back as a personal challenge to remove and she is clearly succeeding. This is the best and most personal treatment I have ever received. I would wholeheartedly recommend Pure Therapy.’
Lesley, Esher

‘I had the opportunity for a series of three full body massages with Kate which I hoped would alleviate a build up of stress, after a particularly fraught couple of months.
After a thorough, insightful but not intrusive information gathering session, I slightly nervously got ready for my first massage.
I very soon felt totally at ease and realised that Kate was completely in control. Kate was always attentive to ensure I was warm and comfortable with the massage yet was cleverly able to balance that with allowing me to totally switch off. I soon became very content and then oblivious to the outside world which had melted away to leave only the wonderful sensations created by Kate’s hands.
Afterwards I felt as if I had benefitted from a long night’s sleep. I not only felt refreshed but so incredibly relaxed. I had also been suffering from a recurring lower back pain that usually requires a few sessions with a chiropractor to put right. After the first massage with Kate, my back pain had gone and has not yet returned.
I would thoroughly recommend Kate Gilbert for her intelligent assessment of her clients’ needs and her truly magical use of massage to alleviate stress, tension and pain.
Vicky, Surbiton

‘I found Kate to be a professional and sympathetic Reiki practitioner. She was incredibly reassuring and had a refreshing and enthusiastic outlook on life and a very sensible approach to illness and recovery. The Reiki sessions definitely left me with a strength and peace of mind and helped me to stay in control throughout my course of chemotherapy. I felt more balanced emotionally and physically rested after each treatment and believe that Reiki helped to alleviate many of the side effects of the chemotherapy.
I would suggest that anyone going through a similar experience should consider using Reiki to help them and I recommend that Kate, with her emotionally supportive qualities would be an ideal practitioner. ’
Jane, Middlesex 2009