The dark is my delight (The Walsingham consort books):
Consort songs and music for mixed consort
Susan Hamilton, soprano

The song books of Dorothea:
Musical life at the courts of Kopenhagen and Königsberg (16th century)
Tore Tom Denys, tenor

Lachrimae or Seven Tears:
John Dowland: 7 Lachrimae pavans
Christopher Tye: In nomine
William Byrd a.o.: Brownings
(mixed consort of recorders, viols and lute)

Musici segreti:
Frottole in Venice and Rome around 1500
Steve Dugardin, altus

Bellissimo Splendore:
Musical life at the court of Brussels (1580-1620)

All Ding ein Weil:
Ludwig Senfl (ca 1486-1543) Songs and instrumental music
Tore Tom Denys, tenor


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